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Wilderness Tour

$300 a person a day

If your idea of a perfect vacation includes trekking and hiking off the beaten path in the most beautiful and remote areas of Europe, and if you want to avoid the tourist traps, look no further than our exclusive Wilderness Tour. Our specialized travel agents will take care of all the details including finding the best tour guide for you.


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Trekking and backpacking can be pursued in most of the countries we have tours to, but we highly recommend Central Europe and the Alps.

We'd like you to plan for at least 4 DAYS when asking us to design this type of custom tour for you. Accomodation is an important part of your travel experience, and that is why you are free to choose the level of comfort you would like to enjoy, and the number of STARS your hotel(s) should have. Our offers always include breakfast, but you are free to choose whether you would like us to arrange other meals in advance or if you would prefer to do that on your own. All transportation connected to your tour, except transatlantic flight, is included in the offer.  You are free to choose a budget tour, a luxury one, or anything in between. See details below.

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Backpacking and trekking require special preparations. If you were a Boy or Girl Scout, you need not read on, you already know what you have to. If you were not, these are the items you should bring along: a hiking backpack, weather-appropriate clothing (think moisture-wicking fabrics and multiple layers), hiking boots or shoes, a first-aid kit (we will have one as well), a knife or multi-tool, navigation tools such as a map and compass (we'll carry Personal Locator Beacons, "PLBs"), a headlamp and extra batteries, sun protection (sunglasses, sun-protective clothes and sunscreen), extra clothes beyond the minimum expectation and shelter (can be a light emergency bivy sack).

How to Choose the Level of Your Activity? Do we trek or hike?

Our hiking trips involve long and energetic walks every day on hiking trails in a natural environment, with somewhere between 6 and 20 miles to go each day. Our favorite destinations can be hiked in a few days, including getting there and being transported back. Trekking is a more rigorous, multi-day experiencethat involves a long vigorous walk in a wild natural environment sometimes off the hiking trails. Whether we are talking about hiking or trekking, we might be doing it for fun and pleasure, but they are physically challenging activities and you have to be able to walk at least 5 hours even on shorter and easier hikes.

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