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Cycling Tours

from $300 a person a day

Most of our guides sport on a daily basis, and cycling, alongside our annual skiing vacations, gives us a chance to bonds several times each year. Whether you are interested in DH, bicycle touring or road cycling, you can try it out with one of our accomplished guides.

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How to Choose

We'd like you to plan for at least 4 DAYS when asking us to design this type of custom tour for you.  This is first and foremost because our mission is to educate through joyful travel, and it cannot be meaningfully done in any less time. You can do a quick city sightseeing tour in half a day, but our tours require more time because of the amount of knowledge and the large number of sites we would love to share with you. Take Normandy, one of our best sellers, as an example: picking you up in Paris and traveling to Normandy already takes up much of a day, and it takes two full days to go through just the absolute must-see sights once you're there

And yes, we provide the bicycles and their maintenance

For more information on accommodation, meals etc., click here.

Road Cycling

We can make you road cycling trip as vigorous or relaxed as you want it to be, but there is an upper limit of 200 km (120 miles) a day due to logistics. Your daily leg of the journey can be less than that of course. If you are interested,
we can also arrange participation in amateur races, and ride with you. So
why not join our team? Recommended region: Central Europe including Austria and Northern Italy.

Bicycle Touring and Mountain Biking

Bicycles are used for recreation at all ages. Our tours can involve touring, exploration or sightseeing on bicycles provided by us. We use public bicycle trails and cycle tracks where we will not be bothered by cars. Joining an organized cycling event through the local environment is also a possibility. Our rides consist of several different routes, sorted by mileage, and with a certain number of rest stops that usually include refreshments, first aid and maintenance tools. Routes can vary by as much as 100 miles (160 km).

Mountain biking began in the 1970s, originally as a downhill sport. Most of our mountain biking takes place on dirt roads, trails and in purpose-built parks. There are several disciplines of mountain biking besides downhill. If you are interested in XC, or any type of mountain, trail, or free-ride – let us know.

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